Professional Aluminium Window Installer

Our aluminium window and door installers source, supply and install aluminium window frames and doors in Johannesburg. We also do conversions from wood to aluminium frames.

Aluminium fitter - Looking for an aluminium window or door fitter that will help you determine what windows or doors you need?

Our aluminium window fitters assist with new installations or conversions from wood to aluminium. Using our professional installers will guarantee an expert finish for windows and doors. We do onsite quotations that reduce the stress and anxiety associated with sourcing and selecting the correct windows for your needs and budget.

Our team of contractors service a number of areas in Gauteng. Service locations are Johannesburg, Randburg, Olivedale, Sandton, Fourways and Rosebank.

We give advice on the best products, finishes and types of windows for your home or office.

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Aluminium Window Installer - Services and Types of window fittings

Aluminium window installer fitting window

Our professional team of aluminium window fitters can install any custom size aluminium window. We install modern aluminium sliding windows at your home or office. Expert aluminium window contractors ensure that high quality aluminium is sourced and fitted so that you are guaranteed to receive a superior product. We can also make up custom frame sizes to fit your existing windows. Installation of burglar proofing on windows is optional. We pride ourselves on clean and professional installations. Read more.

We also fit the following types of aluminium windows:

  1. Kitchen windows
  2. Bathroom windows
  3. Bedroom windows
  4. Double pane windows
  5. Glass windows
  6. Horizontal sliding windows and vertical sliding windows
  7. Bay windows
  8. Folding windows
  9. Pivot windows
  10. Roof windows
  11. Louvre windows
  12. Top hung windows
  13. Corner windows
  14. Double hung windows
  15. Various window colours such as white, grey, brown, bronze, silver, charcoal

Aluminium Door Installer - Services and types of fittings

Aluminium door installer fitting door

Need a pro? - Look no further. Our aluminium door installers can fit modern aluminium doors, aluminium sliding doors, folding doors and double doors. We select, deliver and fit aluminium doors at your location. Our team of expert fitters will make sure that only aluminium of the highest quality is selected for fitment. Have peace of mind when using our contractors.

We also fit the following types of aluminium doors:

  1. Front doors
  2. Single doors
  3. Sliding doors & sliding glass doors
  4. Folding doors
  5. Double doors
  6. Entrance doors
  7. Stable doors
  8. Sliding glass doors
  9. Pivot doors
  10. Stacking doors
  11. Sliding patio doors
  12. Louver doors
  13. Hinged doors
  14. Interior and exterior doors
  15. Stable doors
  16. Various door colours such as white, grey, brown, bronze, silver, charcoal

Our speciality is converting your old wooden windows and doors into aluminium. Reduce your maintenance costs and convert to aluminium.

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows

Our window frames have become the preferred option when it comes to home improvements due to their durability and rust-free characteristics. We install bathroom aluminium windows,  Read more

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium sliding doors

Aluminium door frames are rain, sun and rust resistant. They come in a variety of colours which will allow you to match them to your existing colour scheme. Read more

Wood to Aluminium conversion

We convert your old wooden frames to aluminium by using a cost saving conversion technique that will ensure your windows and doors last for years. Reduce your maintenance costs and convert to aluminium.

What is  aluminium?

Aluminium is a silvery-white metal that is light and durable and is used in many engineering applications. It's almost three times lighter than iron. Aluminium is flexible and corrosion resistant because it contains a layer of aluminium oxide.  It is also non magnetic and conducts electricity. It makes up more than 8 percent of the earths core and is also the third most common chemical element on our planet after oxygen and silicon. 

Create Beautiful Living Spaces with our products

Our thin aluminium frames help to bring the outdoors closer as more glass can fit into the frame

What are aluminium window frames?

Aluminium window frames have become the preferred option when it comes to home improvements due to their durability and rust-free properties. They are more resistant to sun and water when compared to wooden frames which is why they have become a popular choice for building contractors and homeowners. Aluminium will also last longer than PVC frames which can bend and degrade over time. Read more.

Advantages of aluminium windows

  • Durable - Your windows wont warp and buckle when wet. This will ensure windows open and close easily.
  • Light Weight - Reduces the overall working weight on all window mechanisms.
  • Flexible - Installations are easier and more cost effective.
  • Corrosion Resistant - No rust and water damage.
  • No sealers need to be applied each year. This reduces your total cost of ownership.

Prices and sizes of our windows and doors

The window and door sizes are in mm. All our windows are glazed as per sans 10400 Part N - Building Regulations

Frame finishes available: Bronze, White, Black, Natural Silver, Charcoal

Glass finishes available: Clear Glass, Obscure Glass

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