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Advantages and Benefits of Aluminium Doors

By Jason Edwards

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Scouring the market for a new front door or a set of patio doors for sale—but concerned about the current door prices? If you’re reading this, then you must have heard about modern aluminium doors.

Natural light. Organic airflow. Clean noise. Energy efficiency and excellent safety ratings. You might not initially think of these elements when choosing doors for your home—but there’s a lot more to consider since “Aluminium” became the new King in Home Design.

Today’s double and single aluminium doors flaunt new, innovative technology, transforming them to become South Africa's #1 home renovation trend—and for good reason. Here’s why aluminium sliding doors, pivot doors, stable doors, stacking doors, and patio doors are the hottest trends of modern home design.

Increased property value

One of the distinctive characteristics of modern architecture is the generous use of glass and open-plan interiors it delivers. Big wall-to-floor aluminium glass sliding doors or stacking doors that lead out onto an outdoor kitchen, garden patio, infinity pool or deck can add significant value to any home, no matter the area. Modern aluminium doors—glazed in white or chrome, can easily add thousands to the value of your home. 

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

There’s no doubt that architects and builders are enjoying the “aluminium comeback”—with imagination the only limit to this material. From expansive glass facades to stable doors and stacking doors, these door frames bring the outdoors indoors, which maintains a healthier environment with unobstructed outdoor views, and natural sunlight and airflow.

Once used only for city-loft-living to give the illusion of space, these modern glass frames are now huge drawcards for private estates and homes throughout residential areas. Flexible in design with sleek and slim frames, they are the ideal option for opening smaller rooms and expanding larger rooms, giving you a free, spacious living area. Its streamlined aesthetic offers so much versatility that no realistic project should be unfeasible.

Glass is Smash-Proof and Frame is Drill-Proof

Crime in South Africa has reached an all-time high, which means it’s time to tighten up your security.

The good news is that state-of-the-art home security systems aren’t your only option. When visibility is your requirement, burglar-proof aluminium hinged doors become your obvious choice. As a brilliant line of defence, you need a deterrent that not only intimidates but one that doesn’t break the bank.

Owing to their slight “visual” vulnerability, people often debate whether to install them, with the main concern being safety. But many do not realise that unlike wooden frames, aluminium frames provide maximum protection against home invasions.

These doors for homes come equipped with burglar-proof locking mechanisms, such as deadbolts, anti-drill plates and anti-lift devices. The glass is also smash-proof and fire-resistant, which are excellent safety features for any home to have, especially with the threat of increased crime on the horizon.

Thermal performance can save you thousands on your energy bill

The best quality aluminium single or double doors can better your insulation during winter and summer by 60%. Exceeding energy efficiency standards because of technological advancements of glazing, aluminium frames combined with high-efficiency glass mean lower energy bills. Aluminium windows and doors support excellent thermal and sound insulation, which meets current building regulations.

By trapping the warm or cold air from within and preventing it from escaping into the outside elements, aluminium entrance doors keep the internal temperature at comfortable levels. Because South Africa is the largest manufacturer of aluminium in Africa, Aluminium door prices are less pricey than wood, making aluminium doors for sale very affordable.

Durable enough to withstand any weather element and climatic condition

Aluminium is three times stronger than PVC and 4.3 times stronger than wood. No matter where you live in South African, be it along the Western Cape Atlantic Seaboard, the Winelands in Pretoria, or within the driest regions of the Free State, these hard-working doors resist rust and can withstand any weather element and climatic condition.

They also require minimal maintenance, and they are recyclable, reducing your carbon footprint. When combined with the right glass, you get a powerful, economical, high-security solution for any domestic and commercial property.

Doors are easily accessible

Aluminium glass doors offer many benefits—from being trendy, good for the planet, maintenance-free to customisable. But in an overcrowded marketplace with various aluminium door prices, choosing an inexperienced contractor might lead to poor installation. Your home and your family are your most important investments. That said, if there was ever a time to secure your property and increase your home security—the time is now.

Find the best aluminium doors for sale in your area

Aluminium Windows Pro are Johannesburg’s leading manufacturers, suppliers and installers of aluminium single and double doors that range from pivot doors, folding doors, and sliding doors to stable doors. Specialising in commercial property, residential conversions and patio door enclosures, we provide full service—from specification through to installation and delivery.

As experts in aluminium windows and doors, we provide the best door prices in Johannesburg. All our sliding, stacking, and folding doors for sale come with smash-proof glass, slam-lock features, and additional safeguards that provide instant security in times of emergency. During times of economic uncertainty, securing your investment is the intelligent first step.

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